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The strategic focus areas of the Summit

The 10 strategic focus areas of the Summit include:
  1. Fostering identity preservation in the Diaspora through state-centered identity formation
  2. Supporting identity preservation efforts in the Diaspora through self-organization/community organizing initiative
  3. Supporting youth leadership and youth initiatives in the Diaspora
  4. Building institutional frameworks which define, foster and implement specific Armenia-Diaspora partnerships focused primarily on strategic and cultural relations
  5. Consolidating and involving pan-Armenian organizations in Armenia's development
  6. Cultivating strong Diaspora ties with the homeland through sector-specific partnerships, programs and events
  7. Cultivating Diaspora professional potential toward strengthening state and transnational institutions and to advance Armenia’s interests globally
  8. Fostering Diaspora participation within Armenia's governing structures
  9. Promoting repatriation and ensuring a smooth integration process for repatriates
  10. Assisting with and leveraging the work of Diaspora investors and philanthropists in Armenia
Implementing institution and outputs  

The Republic of Armenia’s Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, in collaboration with Armenia’s other governing institutions and ministries, is responsible for institutionalizing and implementing the outputs from the summit. This responsibility includes memorializing the proposals, conclusions, and results achieved at the summit within an Armenia-Diaspora strategy document which will ultimately be adopted by the government as the official Armenia-Diaspora strategy of the Republic of Armenia. 

Moreover, the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs will continue to work towards harnessing the vast potential of the Armenian Diaspora, and engaging Diaspora Armenians around the world in the process of nation building, while at the same time supporting Armenian communities to sustain and cultivate their Armenian identity. 

The Office will always remain open to working with all organizations and individuals which continue to build the Armenia of the future, and continue to strengthen Armenian communities across the globe.