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Vision of the Global Armenian Summit

A thriving Armenian Diaspora which takes pride in its heritage and feels directly connected to the Republic of Armenia, and a thriving Republic of Armenia which is strengthened through the active engagement of its Diaspora in all aspects of nation building. 

Nation-states such as Armenia which encompass large Diasporas encounter the wider responsibility of accounting for two types of members: citizens/residents who live within the territory of the state and members of the broader nation who reside in the Diaspora. It is often necessary to formulate legal, institutional, and infrastructural mechanisms and networks to accommodate these two types of members. 

Today, an estimated 7 million Armenians live outside the borders of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh in more than 100 countries around the world. There are dozens of pan-Armenian and spiritual organizations, hundreds of community and cultural groups, around 1,000 daily and weekly schools, scientific and educational institutions, sports and cultural associations, charities, and socio-political entities actively working in the Diaspora. The Diaspora is diverse and complex, spread through 24 time zones, living in countries with different political systems, languages, and cultural traditions. 

Among the many challenges the global Armenian nation has faced since Armenia’s independence in 1991, the Second Artsakh War, its aftermath, and the continued attacks by Azerbaijan on both Artsakh and Armenia stand out, as these have left scars not only on our state institutions but also on our collective identity as a people. 

As we continue to navigate the challenges of our current realities in Armenia and Artsakh, we remain determined to keep building our shared future. We remain steadfast in our belief that it is only through the collaborative effort of the global Armenian nation that we will rebuild, recover, and thrive again. 

It is within this context that the Republic of Armenia’s Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs will host the Global Armenian Summit, to be held from October 28th to 31st, 2022 in Yerevan. 

The agenda of the summit includes discussions focused on national security, protecting Armenia's interests globally, repatriation, economic engagement, preservation of Armenian identity, Diaspora representation within Armenia's governing structures, and self-organization within the Diaspora. The summit will serve as a dynamic forum for experts and representatives of the Diaspora, together with their local counterparts, to discuss the most pressing challenges and strategic questions of pan-Armenian significance. 

The philosophical underpinnings of the Summit define Armenia-Diaspora relations from the lens of state-centrism. The State must develop in partnership and close cooperation with the Diaspora, the policies and corresponding structures within the State, as well as transnational infrastructures globally, that define and govern Armenia-Diaspora relations. The Armenian state serves as the “Hub” or the foundation upon which processes, institutions and networks are built in advancing the interests of the broader nation, and that solidify, strengthen and reinforce Armenia-Diaspora relations.